Since 1986

Jean-mic Perrine, Principal Architect at Architects Perrine has created celebrated residential, commercial and institutional buildings in Perth Western Australia as well as internationally.

Many of these projects are landmarks within their precincts. Jean-mic has been recognised for his contributions to architecture and design by peers and by industry and community organisations through numerous awards, including the highest achievement of construction industry, the Construction Council of Australia's supreme award for excellence in 1995, for the Colonnade in Subiaco and the City of Perth's inaugural heritage award in 2005 for the synthesis of heritage and cutting edge architecture at the iconic high density residential project, The Box Building, in Perth's West End of the CBD.

In December 2012 The Sunday Times of London nominated his most recent project in Perth as one of the "Hottest Hotels 2013". The Terrace Hotel is already a classic fusion of nationally important Heritage fabric and the best of modern architecture & design.

In 2005 Jean-mic Perrine was nominated by STM magazine, and the Sunday Times, as one of the 50 most influential West Australians of this generation for his sustained contributions to design excellence.

In 2009, a genuinely altruistic endeavour to bring building into the Twenty First Century and to deliver truly affordable housing; found dramatic corporate intrigue and skulduggery. Nothing that you may think that you know about the nearly ten years since could prepare you for the truth and depth of the drama. The media reports have been hijacked by those with most to gain from the truth remaining in the courtroom.

 In 2017, I paid what may appear to be a dear price; BUT as they say, what does not kill you makes you ... even more dedicated and determined.

The story is best told over a glass of wine, or two. 

Each and every one of our clients cherish the spaces that we have created for them. That is the truest and most valued accolade to me. L Jm P
— L Jm P



Jean-mic Perrine