Think of Perth’s coolest exemplars of architectural excellence and chances are Jean-mic Perrine designed them.
— Jan Walker – INSITE & SCOOP Magazine March 2005

For over 30 years including his time as design director at Perrine Architecture [1986-2015] & Perrine & Birch [1992-1999], Jean-mic have worked to produce commercial, residential and institutional projects founded in the principal ideals of beauty, function and sustainability. You can read a bit more about the background here. OR for a more fun read, look through the collection of editorials and testimonials about our work and Jean-mic's career from the viewpoint of peers and of the global media.

I love architecture, form, craft and materials. I hold firmly to the view that great architectural space contributes to happiness. I have no lesser goal than to elevate the spirit through each space that I create.
— L Jm P


If it is drama you seek; or to understand the true measure of the ‘pound of flesh’ demanded of an agent for change, then you may enjoy this classic telling of the eternal story by Ayn Rand in ‘The Fountainhead’. Her marvellous book is a tad sexist and dated in language and tone; but the principles of the need for a singularity of purpose in creating innovation and change, remains universal.

"I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the halfway, the almost, the in-between"


Dominique Francon - The Fountainhead