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St Georges House to be Luxury Hotel

Beatrice Thomas –, Jan. 31, 2011

A new era in accommodation has been flagged for Perth with plans to transform heritage-listed St Georg­es House in to a small, luxury hotel. Described by its proponents as a mix of old-world sophistication with modern elements, The Ter­race Hotel would comprise 15 rooms in the 120-year-old, two­ storey house and a new six-storey modern extension behind the building, on the corner of Milligan Street and St Georges Terrace.

It will have eight suites and seven luxury business rooms, along with a salon and restaurant with garden terrace dining.

At the rear, a seated dining area will back on to a piazza in the Bish­op's See precinct where Kate Lamont's restaurant is housed in the old Bishop's House.

Project designer and acclaimed local architect Jean°mic Perrine said the $6 million project was inspired by the French tradition of the "hotel particulier" - luxury, small, family-run hotels - and he hoped that it would lead a renais­sance in this style of accommoda­tion in Perth.

"We're really looking forward to doing things in the city that people probably don't do anymore beau­tiful weddings on Sundays, high tea, those experiential things that the city's lost," he said.

"It's really aimed to be a bit of a signature for Perth".

Mr Perrine said St Georges House was vacant and in remarka­bly good condition.

He said the hotel would be man­ aged by The Hospitality Group.

There would bea live-in manager as part of a focus on personalised service for corporate and seasoned travellers.

He said room rates would be priced in Hne with the "mid to upper-level of accommodation in the city".

MrPerrine said the extension - a bold, modernist cube enshrined in textured material that would light up at night - would be built using his revolutionary Perrine­ pod building method.

As a result, an ambitious August opening is proposed.

The project was due to go before the City of Perth council in the next month with support from the Heri­tage Council and TourismWA.