Perth, Western Australia.


Trish is an interior designer of note, when she and her partner Garry who is an engineer, asked me to take on this challenge on their 190m2 block in Perth, I was tickled pink.

They came to me after seeing 94/96 Bagot Road Subiaco, two houses which I concocted on what were previously laneways, each 3.6m wide and a total of 180m2 of site area and Box Building which I had just completed. Their budget was $300,000 - Yes.

There were few variations and a very modest surplus on budget through the application of the modularisation and industrialisation I had developed through Box. I created this little but BIG house using every inch of the volume to deliver a layered, light filled, loving space that has charmed most who enter. Trish and I worked closely on the interior colourscapes and her insistence on the big black wall to the East interior was nothing short of genius. 

Trish makes a terrific risotto, quite the best I have tried and Garry's skill at red wine does make me miss the times we have caught up since.