Peter Monks

Director, Waverley Futures, Waverely Council NSW
Former Director of Planning City of Perth

I am happy to provide a professional and personal reference for Jean-mic Perrine. I have had dealings with Jean-mic over many years in my roles working at the City of Fremantle during the period from 1987-1994 and as Director Planning and Development at the City of Perth during the period 1999-2012.

Jean-mic has always produced high quality design outcomes for his projects, focused on improving the quality of the urban environment and contributing to the public realm through strong streetscape and public domain presentations.

Jean-mic produces contemporary designs appropriate to their settings and within a context that understands sustainability. Jean-mic is a good communicator, can explain the rationale for a position very clearly and in a calm and professional manner that is well regarded by colleagues, which makes his contribution more meaningful.