Patrick Beale

AA Dipl. [London] RAIA
Former Dean Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts
The University of Western Australia
Director. Advanced Timber Concepts Studio

I have known Jean-mic du Buisson Perrine by reputation and professionally since I arrived in Western Australia in 1995 to take up an academic position at the School of Architecture Landscape and Fine arts at UWA [Now Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts]. I have understood Jean-mic’s reputation to be that of an innovative design professional with a particular understanding of the economics of architecture both in production and in lifecycle value.

He is a practitioner who has executed his most significant projects within and close to the Perth CBD, many of which most citizens will be familiar with – the Cinema Paradiso complex in Northbridge [RAIA Commercial award 1993], the Collonade Hay mixed use complex at 388 Hay Street Subiaco [1994/5 Subiaco Centenary Award for Built form], The Leederville GPO heritage redevelopment complex [RAIA Heritage award 2004 and Town of Vincent Heritage award] are among the most notable.

The innovative BOX building redevelopment at 918 Hay Street launched the high quality high density re-invigoration of the Perth City Precinct in 2001 [City of Perth Inaugural Heritage Award 2001], demonstrating that heritage values and modern design and development were not only compatible, but highly complementary. In 2007, the Sunday Times nominated Jean-mic as one of the 50 most influential West Australians.

Jean-mic is also responsible for developing and patenting systems of sustainable modular building forms using a low carbon reinforced concrete based on Fly ash aggregates, a material and system used internationally and primed for future use in the ongoing development of Perth.

In 2000 I was appointed Dean of the new Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts at UWA , and took over the teaching of a new Professional Practice stream in the School. Jean-mic has participated in this program in various capacities since then as a guest lecturer, panel member in Q&A type sessions, and as a practice mentor to small groups of students. His participation and contributions to this program have been invaluable and deeply appreciated by our students as well as by me and my colleagues. He is a consummate professional, who talks and thinks honestly and clearly about Architecture, the city, and the issues that we face in the ongoing project that is the greater city of Perth and its suburbs. This is a rare and valuable attribute.

I recommend him to you most highly.