Rob Butler

Former Deputy Lord Mayor City of Perth
Former Deputy Lord Mayor City of Subiaco

My association with Jean-mic Perrine spans over 20 years mainly through Local Government, incorporating Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Joint Consultative Committee Sittings which included forward planning for both the City of Subiaco and City of Perth, I held the positions of Councillor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Chairman of Planning at both cities

Jean-mic Perrine’s depth of knowledge in not only architecture, but his contributions and back ground research in creating an Urban fabric whilst acknowledging the sensitivity of an area is very important to its future outcome and development when creating urban policy

In putting together urban design strategies, Jean-mic Perrine’s depth of respect for past and present and the synergies required to not only create but incorporate the heritage aspect of an area with the dovetailing of the new

Jean-mic Perrine’s ability to be able to logically absorb all points of view and put those forward in a rational and professional outcome is one of his many strength.